5/28: The Playground at Willard F. Libby Park is Completed

5/28: The Playground at Willard F. Libby Park is Completed

The playground at Willard F. Libby Park is now ready with fun new interactive equipment for kids of all ages and abilities to enjoy once the Sonoma County Health Officer allows the reopening of playgrounds.

The new playground was made possible by funding from the two Rotary Clubs of Sebastopol who contributed $30,000 of the $144,000 budget. In addition to the financial support, the Rotary Clubs helped out onsite. The bulk of the remaining funding came from a State Proposition 68 Park Grant.

The new inclusive playground was designed with the community and children of Sebastopol in mind. A citizen survey was conducted from August 30 to September 23, 2019 to allow the community, especially the children, to have input in what kind of play structures the playground would include.

The community made their voices heard with over 500 respondents to the survey. The top three vote getters were ‘Global Motion,’ ‘Zipkrooz,’ and the ‘Oodle Swing’ (an ADA accessible swing that is universally accessible and family-friendly). The playground designers incorporated the top voted structures into the overall design scheme.


Barbara Barney presents check from Sebastopol Rotary
Clubs to Public Works Superintendent Dante Del Prete
May 20, 2020. Photo by Jacqui Harmann
Rotary volunteers add finishing touches on May 23, 2020
Photo by Jerry Meshalum