Take the Sebastopol Water Meter Survey!

Take the Sebastopol Water Meter Survey!

With water conservation a top priority, the City of Sebastopol is exploring ways to give its water customers tools to gain greater control over their own usage and to be alerted to leaks in real time. Many other water providers in our region have found success with cellular water meters and an accompanying app where customers will have instant access to this information.

We are conducting a short survey of water customers to gather input on whether or not they feel that such a program would be of value. Survey results will be shared with the City Council to help inform their decision-making process about the cellular water meter program.

This survey will end on October 1, 2021.

Once submitted, if you don't see a confirmation message, scroll up or down on your phone or computer to check for the confirmation message. The message may appear in a different location depending on which device and browser you are using.

If you are having issues taking the survey in the embedded form, click HERE to take the survey in Google Forms.