Parks Planning

The Planning Department is also responsible for parks planning and grants, as well as planning and technical coordination for the Sonoma County Measure M "Parks for All" funding.  The Department also manages the Community Garden Plots at the Skategarden Park. If you are interested in a plot, please contact

Current park planning projects include: Ives Park Master Plan Implementation; including Calder Creek naturalization, community sctulpture garden, and pathway replacement;  the Americorp Trail extension project.

Ives Park Master Plan
in 2013, the City Council adopted a Master Plan for the revitalization of Ives Park.  The City has been working towards implementing this vision, and has completed ADA (accessibility) upgradres to Ives Pool. 

We are currenlty working on several other components of the Master Plan, including the planning for naturalization of Calder Creek.  There will be several community meetings on this project, hosted by the Planning Commission, which also serves as the City's Parks Commission.

Public Meetings  (all meetings start at 6 pm and can be accessed at the City's Meeting Link

Kick-off meeting/overview: Planning Commission Meeting of August 24, 2021
Click here for presentation slides

October 26 Planning Commission meeting - Calder Creek - Design Basis/Discussion
Click here for presentation slides

December 14 - Calder Creek Naturalization  - design alternatives
At the December 14th Planning Commission meeting (above link), three design alternatives were presented to the Commission to get feedback and recommendations.  The Planning Commission recommended two options,  Option C and Option B (in order of preference). Both of these options would require modifications to the Ives Park Master Plan, with Option B less extensive, and Option C more extensive. These options will be presented at the February 1, 2022,  City Council meeting for Council review and direction.

The powerpoint presentation is available here: Calder Creek Design Alternatives

Images of each option is available below:
Option A (not recommended)
Option B (recommended by Planning Commission)
Option C (recommended and preferred by Planning Commission)

February 1, 2022 City Council meeting - Calder Creek concepts presentation to City Council.

Final Planning Commission presentation  - DATE TBD - Calder Creek Naturalization  - final  concept plan presentation.  Once Council has provided input, the preferred alterntaive will be developed and presented to the Commission and then City Council.

Other Ives Park Projects include a Community Sculpture Garden project, set to open in fall of 2021, and a pathway replacement for the main trail through the park (set to go out to bid for construction in fall 2021):

Americorp Trail
The City received a matching grant from Sonoma County Ag + Open space to extend this trail, which starts just south of the community center on Morris Street, along the west side of the Laguna channel, to Sebastopol Avenue.  The overview map of this project can be found here.

Libby Park Playground
The Libby Park Playground was recently replaced using a Prop 68 State Grant, as well as donations through the City's Rotary Clubs.

Other Parks:
The Department maintains a summary of the City's Parks facilities.