Election Information

every-vote-counts.pngThe City Clerk is the City of Sebastopol office that assists in the holding of elections in the City.  The City Clerk does not act in the capacity of assisting any candidate or proponent of a specific issue other than to assist candidates and proposition sponsors to properly file and manage their election related documentation.  The City Clerk does not act as an arbiter, referee or judge with respect to disputes or issues related to any campaigns or the election itself.

The Sonoma County Registrar of Voters is responsible for the operation of all elections in the County.  The rules and regulations with respect to elections potential candidates are enforced by the California Fair Political Practices Commission.  Links to both of those entities are below.
The City of Sebastopol conducts elections on the first Tuesday (after the first Monday) in November of even-numbered years.  The next election will be on November 6, 2018, to elect three City Councilmembers.
Approximately four months prior to the November election date, Sebastopol residents interested in running for office should contact the City of Sebastopol City Clerk at (707) 823-1153. The timeframe to file candidate paperwork will be from July 16, 2018 to August 10, 2018. If the incumbent City Councilmember fails to file, the timeframe will be extended to August 15, 2018.
 Candidate Eligibility

  • A candidate must be a United States citizen;
  • 18 years old on or before the election day;
  • A registered voter living in the City of Sebastopol at the time nomination papers are issued (The City Clerk will verify voter registration with the County of Sonoma Registrar of Voters.)
 Candidate Fees
There are no City of Sebastopol filing fees, however, candidates who choose to have their "Candidate Statement of Qualifications" printed in the sample ballot issued by the County Registrar of Voters must bear the actual cost of printing and distribution.  Candidates who opt for this printing are required to pay the fee when the nomination paper and forms are filed with the City of Sebastopol City Clerk.
Forms Required when Filing for Candidate Nomination
In accordance with State law, candidates are required to complete designated forms when filing for candidacy. 
  • Nomination Paper
  • Ballot Designation Worksheet
  • FPPC Form 501 – Candidate Intention Statement (if not already filed)
  • FPPC Form 700 - Statement of Economic Interest
  • Candidate’s Statement of Qualifications (optional)
  • Code of Fair Campaign Practices Agreement (optional)

Nomination Paper – with signatures of 20 City of Sebastopol registered voters (the City Clerk will verify the voter signatures on the nomination paper with the County of Sonoma Registrar of Voters).
Please be aware that in accordance with State law, all documents are public record after the close of the nomination period; however, personal information on nomination petition will be redacted i.e., addresses.
Fair Political Practices Commission
To run for elected office the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) requires that candidates provide financial disclosures. Please see FPPC website.
Campaign Contribution Limit
The City of Sebastopol has no campaign contribution limits.



Nominations open - July 15 2018 


Nominations deadline  - August 10 2018 -Note:   If any incumbent elected officer does not file for election,  the  nomination  period  will  be  extended  to Wednesday, August 15, 2018 at 5:00 p.m.


Consolidation deadline, measures 


Tax rate statements deadline, bond measures


Measure letter assignments

Extended nomination deadline


Deadline to amend/withdraw measure


Random alphabet drawing

Argument deadline

Impartial analysis due 

Rebuttal deadline (only if opposing arguments are filed)


First day sample ballots may be mailed


Voting by mail opens


Registration deadline


Deadline to request ballot by mail

Deadline to certify election results


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