Special Event Permits

The City of Sebastopol is host to many varied special events throughout the year. These events are an important part of our community and can add significantly to the quality of life for our residents and visitors. Depending on the nature of the events, they can enhance our
neighborhoods, highlight products and services, provide marketing opportunities, and add to our cultural enrichment.

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in the general public, which is now a pandemic according to the World Health Organization, there is a public health emergency throughout the County and the County of Sonoma has issued various directives/County Health Orders in response to this pandemic. One of those such directives, C19-05, was signed on March 23, 2020 ordering the closure of all Sonoma County parks. This includes all parks within the City of Sebastopol. Therefore, in compliance with this order, the City of Sebastopol will not be processing any special event permit applications at this time. Once the Shelter in Place has been lifted, the City will review any County directives/orders regarding ongoing social distancing and park use requirements. 

The Special Event Permit Application Packet will help you understand the special event permitting process, insurance requirements and provide helpful information as you plan your event.

Application Process

1. Contact Public Works Department to ascertain the availability of the location where the event is requested to be held.
2. Complete the application packet (and provide any additional materials regarding this event).
3. Ensure all blanks are filled out and initial the bottom of every page. Please use black ink to complete the application.
4. Ensure the application has a wet signature. Electronic signatures will not be accepted.
5. Submit the packet and filing fees to Public Works Department.
6. Complete and submit the City event requirements.
7. Pay event fees when the application is submitted for routing. The application will not be routed without payment of fees in full.
8. Ensure appropriate departments have been contacted a minimum of 10 days prior to theevent.
9. Request the City conduct a post-event walk-through the first working day after the event.

Note: Please keep in mind that acceptance of your application is the first step and should not be construed as approval or confirmation of your special event request. Depending on the size and type of event and its potential impact on City services, other departmental approvals may be required. Event applications submitted less than 30 days prior to the event may not be approved.


The City of Sebastopol is committed to supporting quality events that are safe and enjoyable. If you have questions regarding the permitting process, please contact the Public Works Department at 707-823-5331 or email citypw@cityofsebastopol.org for further information. On behalf of the City of Sebastopol, we thank you for contributing to the spirit and vitality of our community through the staging of your event. Best wishes for a successful event!